Subject-Verb Agreement 2

Directions: Click the answer button to see the answer.


  1. The stomach ___ (line) with mucosa.
  2. The heart ___ (enclose) within the pericardium.
  3. The pulp cavity ___ (fill) with dental pulp.
  4. The respiratory system ___ (include) the two lungs.
  5. Fingernails ___ (embed) in the skin of the fingers.
  6. Microscopic sensors in the dermis ___ (join) by nerves to the brain.
  7. During pregnancy, a bundle of cells ___ (embed) itself in a motherís uterus.
  8. The pericardium ___ (surround) the heart.
  9. A tendon ___ (attach) a muscle to a bone.
  10. Bones ___ (cover) by skin.


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