About ARC

The ARC manages the care and use of laboratory animals used for teaching and research activities in the HSC and serves as a source of expertise and support for investigators, research technical support staff, and students on all subjects connected to laboratory animal matters.

Objectives of the ARC

  1. The management of the Animal Resources Centre ensures that the animal care and handling procedures comply with the standard of the International Council of Laboratory Animals Sciences.
  2. Administer training programs to individuals in laboratory animal research in the Health Sciences Centre in particular and the University in general.
    The Animal Resources Centre offers quality care for all strains of breeding, stock and experimental animals.
  3. To minimize problems associated with animal research, but to ensure that at the same time all regulations are strictly followed.
  4. To train the researchers, students and technicians in animal experiments and provide necessary information about the animals.
  5. To provide good quality animals for the research.

Animal Research Management

The number of researchers and postgraduate students using the ARC facility is increasing by the passing year, which is a good indicator of research progress at the HSC.
Currently, the experimental animals, animal maintenance including feeds and bedding and cages are supplied free of cost to all researchers.