Participants from Abroad

Important Information for Participants from Overseas
Please take note of the following:

  1. 1. The conference is primarily for medical researchers based in Kuwait although we welcome researchers from abroad to submit their work.

  2. 2. Apart from a Keynote lecture during the opening ceremony, there are no other formal lectures. The presentations are all in the form of Posters displaying work covering ALL disciplines in Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Allied Health over a 3 day period. This affords an excellent opportunity for attendees and participants to learn about research being conducted at different centres in Kuwait, exchange ideas and build contacts for collaborations. There are usually about 250-300 research posters each year.

  3. 3. If your abstract submission is accepted for presentation, you will receive official notification of acceptance from the Organizing Committee.

  4. 4. Delegates with accepted abstracts will be required to submit official proof of intention to attend the conference in the form of scanned or photocopies of airline tickets and proof of payment for hotel accommodation in Kuwait before the abstracts can be included in the Abstracts Book. These documents must be sent to the Conference
    Secretary before January 10, 2019

  5. 5. Sponsorship is not available for participants from overseas.

  6. 6. If you plan to come, you are responsible for ALL your travel, accommodation and other expenses. A list of hotels in Kuwait is available on the internet. Please deal with the hotels directly. Hotels are authorized in Kuwait to assist you to obtain an entry visa if needed. The organizing committee is NOT responsible for delegates and should NOT be contacted if any financial problems arise. 

  7. 7. The Organizing Committee is unable to issue letters of invitation.

All details of the conference can be found on our web site:

If you require any further clarification please contact the CRC staff:

Mrs. Teena Sadan
e-mail: or Call +965 246 36418

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HSC Poster Overview

The Poster Day Conference initiated in 1996 has now become enshrined as an annual event in the HSC academic calendar. It is most heartening to see that it has been consistently supported by the active and enthusiastic participation of not only the researchers of the HSC and Science Faculties of the University but as well by other institutions and hospital departments in Kuwait, and even from some outside of the country.

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