Message from the Vice Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies - Faculty of Medicine

Strong research is a prerequisite for academic excellence, and this concept was clearly understood when the first Poster Day was held more than 20 years ago, in April 1996, in the Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University. The founders of Poster Day started with a premise that scientific knowledge and therefore progress depends on investigation and critical analysis, and that exchange of ideas and information is an essential part of this continuous process. The Poster Day started with an aim of stimulating communication between scientists in various health-related specialties and has grown progressively to involve diverse scientific fields in all the faculties of the Health Sciences Centre (HSC).
Prof. Raja'a Al-Attiyah
Vice Dean for Research & Postgraduate Studies
Faculty of Medicine
Kuwait University

Message from the Chairman, 23rd HSC Poster Conference Organizing Committee

The Poster Conference has been an annual scientific event in the Health Sciences Center for 22 years and has created a rich tradition of distinction. This meeting provides informal opportunities for students, post-doctoral research associates, junior and senior investigators to share their exciting research findings and ideas, explore prospects for research collaborations and enjoy the stimulating sense of scientific community. Opening the conference, past keynote speakers have included several Nobel Laureates, prominent academicians, scientists and clinicians from around the world speaking on a diverse range of subjects. The importance of scientific research cannot be over-emphasised. Indeed it is the raison d’etre of a university. We look forward to the continuing enthusiastic participation of researchers from the faculties of the Health Sciences Center and others of Kuwait University as well as other institutions and hospital departments in Kuwait and abroad.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee I warmly welcome you to the 23rd Poster Conference together to celebrate new insights, approaches and progress in science.

Prof. Yunus Luqmani
Chairman of 23rd HSC Poster Conference

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The Poster Day Conference initiated in 1996 has now become enshrined as an annual event in the HSC academic calendar. It is most heartening to see that it has been consistently supported by the active and enthusiastic participation of not only the researchers of the HSC and Science Faculties of the University but as well by other institutions and hospital departments in Kuwait, and even from some outside of the country.

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