Evaluation Of the Educational Environment in the medical college of the GCC countries

DREEM Questionnaire
Section one: sociodemographic factors:
        1.  University name:    
        2.  Academic year:    
        3.  GPA:    
        4.  Gender:    
        5.  Nationality:   
Section Two: Educational Environment Assessment
        6.  I am encouraged to participate    
        7.  The teachers are knowledgeable    
        8.  There is a good support system for students who get stressed    
        9.  I am too tired to enjoy this course    
        10.  Learning strategies which worked for me before continue to work now     
        11.  The teachers are patient with the patients    
        12.  The teaching is often stimulating    
        13.  The teachers ridicule the students    
        14.  The teachers are authoritarian    
        15.  I am confident about my passing this year     
        16.  The atmosphere is relaxed during the ward teaching    
        17.  This school is well timetabled    
        18. The teaching is student centered    
        19.  I am rarely bored on this course     
        20.  I have good friends in this school    
        21. The teaching is sufficiently concerned to develop my competence    
        22. Cheating is a problem in this school    
        23.  The teachers have good communication skills with patients    
        24. My social life is good    
        25.  The teaching is well focused    
        26.  I feel I am being well prepared for my profession    
        27.  The teaching is sufficiently concerned to develop my confidence    
        28.  The atmosphere is relaxed during lectures     
        29. The teaching time is put to good use    
        30. The teaching over-emphasizes factual learning     
        31. Last year work had been a good preparation for this year’s work    
        32. I am able to memorize all I need    
        33.  I seldom feel lonely    
        34. The teachers are good at providing feed back to students    
        35. There are opportunities for me to develop interpersonal skills    
        36. I have learned a lot about empathy in my profession    
        37.  The teachers provide constructive criticism here    
        38.  I feel comfortable in class socially     
        39. The atmosphere is relaxed during seminars/tutorials    
        40. I find the experience disappointing     
        41. I am able to concentrate well    
        42. The teachers give examples    
        43. I am clear about the learning objectives of the course    
        44.  The teachers get angry in class    
        45. The teachers are well prepared for their classes    
        46. My problem-solving skills are being well developed here    
        47. The enjoyment outweighs the stress of studying medicine    
        48. The atmosphere motivates me as a learner     
        49. The teaching encourages me to be an active learner    
        50. Much of what I have to learn seems relevant to a career in medicine     
        51. My accommodation is pleasant    
        52. Long-term learning is emphasized over short-term    
        53. The teaching is too teacher centered    
        54. I feel able to ask the questions I want    
        55. The students irritate the teachers    
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