Apple Mac Computer (Microsoft Entourage 2008)


  1. First, you have to install an additional tool for MS Entourage 2008 called Web Services Edition from here:
  2. Connect your computer to the internet.
  3. Open Entourage.
  4. From Tools menu, select Account.


  1. In Accounts dialog box, click New.


  1. Enter your email address and check My account is on an Exchange server then click the right arrow.


  1. Please wait till your computer finds HSC email server.


  1. When HSC email server is found, you will see the following message, check Always use my response for this server and click Allow.


  1. Fill in your account information as follows and click OK.


  1. In step 3, click the right arrow.


  1. Do NOT change anything in step 4, just click the right arrow.


  1. In step 5, click the right arrow and click Skip for verify account settings.


  1. Now name your HSC account as you like to see in Entourage, and then click Finish.


  1. You will see that HSC account is listed in Accounts dialog box.


  1. Now you completed HSC email setup on your Entourage, close the Accounts dialog box and give it a minute to synchronize you mailbox and then you can send and receive emails.