NOKIA mobile


1.      Nokia mobiles can access HSC email service using free “Mail for Exchange” software, to check whether your Nokia device supports this software, please check the Nokia website at:

2.      Your device must be connected to the internet first (Wi-Fi, 3G or GPRS).

3.      From the device menu go to Mail for Exchange.

4.      You may get the “no Mail for Exchange profile” message. Click Yes to create a new profile.


5.      Enter the new profile settings as follows:

a.      E-mail address: 

b.      Domain:            

c.       Username:                  Joseph

d.      Password:                    your password

e.      Access point:               your phone internet connection

f.        Exchange server:


6.      Profile settings connection & credentials tabs:




7.      You can update the other profile settings (like synchronization schedule) according to your needs.

8.      Select Back to save your profile settings.


9.      You may get the message “Website has sent an untrusted certificate”, accept it to continue.

10.  Now, your mobile will start synchronizing you email contents, and you can read and send emails from Messages menu.


Note: Steps may vary for different Nokia models.