Our Message

ARC Message

We are proud that we were able to provide thousands of animals for numerous researchers spread across all for faculties at the HSC. We believe that this service must have made significant contribution to quality research output from the Kuwait University. All these were possible due to a dedicated team of technicians at the ARC and needy help and guidance by the Administration at the HSC.

The Facilities

Subdivided into the following sections

  • Animal breeding and stock rooms
  • Experimental Rooms
  • Animal surgery theatres
  • Lab. facilities and preparation rooms
  • Cage and rack washing unit
  • Autoclave and sterilization unit
  • Cage storage units
  • Feeds and bedding stores


Mission and Objectives

The main objectives of the ARC are

  • To minimize problems associated with animal research, but to ensure that at the same time all regulations are strictly followed

  • To train the researchers, students and technicians in animal experiments and provide necessary information about the animals

  • To provide good quality animals for the research