HSC Committee for The Protection of Human Subjects in Research

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  • Please follow the bold links to download the forms and guidelines of the HSC Ethical Committee.
  • Please fill in MS Word according to the instructions and send it as a Scanned Soft Copy directly to the VDR office for the submission, if any document is missing, you can send it by e-mail: hsc.ethicalcommitee@ku.edu.kw

    Rania Al-Mawlawi
    Office of the Vice-Dean for Research & Postgraduate Studies
    Faculty of Medicine

Kindly include an official letter addressed to:

    Prof. Gursev Dhaunsi
    Chairman, HSC Ethical Committee
    Faculty of Medicine
    Kuwait University


  1. It is important to fill the Cover Form Which includes:

    Investigator’s Name and Designation, Title of the Project, Summary of the Study and Detailed Plan of the Study  

  2. Kindly fill the consent forms both in Arabic and English as follows:-

        a. If the study involves Children, fill the consent form for Pediatrics.

        b. Fill the Assent form if the study includes children between the age of 7 – 17.

        c. If the study involves Adults, fill the consent form for Adults.

        d. If the study involves both Adults and Pediatrics then fill both consent forms.

    When you fill the consent forms (procedures and purpose of the study) both in Arabic and English it should have the same meaning in both language. Use layman language, so that the patient/volunteer can read and fully understand.

    It is important to mention the type of samples taken from the patients/volunteer for research (e.g. blood, urine, tissue etc.). The specific amount of blood taken must be mentioned and it should preferably not exceed 10ml. Also specify the frequency of samples to be taken during the study.

  3. If you have a questionnaire in your research project or an interview with the people, please include it in both Arabic and English.

    If you need further assistance, Please Contact Us. Kindly let me know whether you received this email.

    Thank you,

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