Table of Seminars

Faculty Seminar Schedule Calendar September 2018- June 2019
Abdulrazzak Auditorium; Faculty of Medicine
Time: 1.30 - 2.30 PM
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Date Day Speaker
1 16-Oct-18 Tuesday Dr. Majeda Abdulrasoul, Pediatrics
2 30-Oct-18 Tuesday Prof. Narayana K, Anatomy
3 13-Nov-18 Tuesday Prof. Jamshaid Iqbal, Microbiology
4 27-Nov-18 Tuesday Dr. Edet Udo, Microbiology
5 1-Dec-18 Tuesday Dr. Mariam AlQabandi, Nuclear Med
6 25-Dec-18 Tuesday Prof. Abdelhamid Elgazzar, Nuc. Med
7 29-Jan-19 Tuesday Prof. Harri Vainio, FOPH
8 5-Feb-19 Tuesday Dr. Naif Mutawa, Community Med
9 19-Feb-19 Tuesday Dr.Mudanna Rao, Anatomy
10 5-Mar-19 Tuesday Dr. Sonia Hassan, Physiology
11 19-Mar-19 Tuesday Dr. Salem Al-Shemmari
12 2-Apr-19 Tuesday Dr. Abir Abdallah, Pathology
13 6-Apr-19 Tuesday Prof. NandaKumaran M, Obstet. & Gynae.
14 30-Apr-19 Tuesday Dr. Abdelslam Mouihate, Physiology
15 7-May-19 Tuesday Dr. Nada Madi, Microbiology
16 21-May-19 Tuesday RAMADAN
17 4-Jun-19 Tuesday RAMADAN
18 18-Jun-19 Tuesday EID Holidays

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