About CRC

The main idea of the Centre is to support research and conferences and thereby to support the academic staff and researchers offering assistance in designing the research protocols, data processing and consultations related to statistics and training. Besides this, it will also operate as the main provider of logistic support for various departments to administer seminars and conferences and other activities which benefit the medical society. The Centre will concentrate on the needs of the Faculty of Medicine, but activity may extend to include the entire Health Science Centre. The role of the Centre will not only be facilitating but also to improve the image of the Faculty of Medicine through communication with the Public in appropriate ways via the Public Relation Unit in our Faculty.

Objectives of the CRC

- To offer a comprehensive group of services for event planning (ie conferences, statistical analysis, symposia, workshops, seminars, etc) and provide support for academic committees
- To provide the highest quality-learning environment and support services for educational programs and meetings by assisting in the organization of the many details involved in successful event planning
- To provide every event organizing committee with all necessary support


Event Management

CRC is introducing Medical and Scientific Events Support