CRC Services

Event Support Service

- Providing database management support for the conferences for registration and abstract submission for the conferences
- Providing website for the conferences and other events
- Editing and preparation of Conference Books, Annual Reports, Faculty Magazines, etc
- Coordinating the preparation and organization of conferences and workshops
- Preparation of evaluation forms for events
- Analysis and preparation of evaluation report of the events for KIMS
- Preparation of CME E-Certificates and other certificates
- Participating in scientific committees for abstract submission and tracking all mails for conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia, etc
- Preparation of announcements like posters, brochures, web advertisements
- Sending announcements, reminders, email announcements
- Providing bulletin or message boards for the events
- Logistical arrangement of event materials like conference folders, handouts for workshops and other events, promotional publications, etc.
- Providing any additional and related services as directed by the event organizers
- Registering the event with KIMS for getting accreditation and CME points

Research and Publication Support for Academic Staff

- Providing support for academic staffs for the research data analysis
- Providing administrative and editing support for journals and publications for the academic staffs

Program Management

- Assist in designing a framework for meeting schedules
- Assist in identifying facilitators and presenters
- Networking with community services
- Developing evaluation and summary reports

Registration services for events

- Designing and preparing registration and promotional materials
- Designing “call for papers”
- Coordinating publicity, designing the registration process
- Developing appropriate mailing announcements
- Processing registration forms
- Issuing confirmation letters
- Designing and preparing name tags
- Developing posters and other information guides
- Developing information guides
- Providing tourist information

Faculty Services and Management

- Providing website supervision for all conference activities
- Coordinating presentations
- Coordinating audio-visual arrangements for the events
- Coordinating telecommunication set-ups
- Assisting statistical analysis’s for faculty staff
- Assisting students for statistical analyses
- Assisting Research grant writing for Faculty academic staffs


Event Management

CRC is introducing Medical and Scientific Events Support