Message from the Vice Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies - Faculty of Medicine

   Good morning everyone, it is with great pleasure to welcome you all to the 28th Health Science Center Conference, which has become a cornerstone of research innovation and knowledge dissemination in medical advances and health sciences.
  This year, our conference has reached new heights, with an impressive total of 185 submitted abstracts. Among these, 152 showcase groundbreaking original research, while 33 are intriguing case reports. What makes this year particularly special is the inclusion of 20 abstracts from GCC students.
  We take immense pride in the awards presented at our conference, which have gained widespread recognition over the years. Each award is a testament to the dedication and brilliance of researchers, both local and within the Gulf region.
   As we gather here to celebrate excellence in research, let us not forget the core of our conference – the collaborative spirit that fuels advancements in clinical and health science research. The awards we present today not only acknowledge individual achievements but also highlight the collective effort that drives our field forward.
  To all attendees, I extend my gratitude for your presence and participation. Let us engage in fruitful discussions, foster new collaborations, and share insights that will propel medicine and health sciences to greater achievements. Just as a final word and a humble reminder that the impact of our research extends far beyond this conference; it resonates in the lives of those we serve and it is through the exchange of ideas and knowledge that we can truly make a lasting impact on healthcare and our nation

   Thank you,

Dr. Heba Al Hussaini
Vice Dean for Research &
Postgraduate Studies
Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University

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The Poster Day Conference initiated in 1996 has now become enshrined as an annual event in the HSC academic calendar. It is most heartening to see that it has been consistently supported by the active and enthusiastic participation of not only the researchers of the HSC and Science Faculties of the University but as well by other institutions and hospital departments in Kuwait, and even from some outside of the country.

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