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Vice President Office
Health Sciences Center
P.O.BOX: 24923 SAFAT, 13110 KUWAIT
Tel.: +965 25319603 / 503    Fax: +965 25318456



You can send e-mails to the Office through   


HSC Vice President’s Administrative Office

Name Title Phone No.
Iqbal Siddique Asst. Vice President 25319603

NameTitlePhone NO
khawlaKhawla Najeeb 25312110
mohammadMohammad ZakiConsultant246-36408
safaSafa HussainExecutive Secretary24636207
suhadSuhad AbdullahSpecialist Engineer249836620

Administrative Manager

NameTitlePhone NO
nbuqaisNawal BuqaisAdministrative Manager25319503/36209


NameTitlePhone NO
mahaecheMaha Al-echeSenior Translator Specialist246-36206
safiyaSafiya Al-MulqiSenior Translator246336667

Technical Office

NameTitlePhone NO
haitham.hHaitham Al-HajriTechnical Advisor246-36773
sharmaPrem SharmaTechnical Advisor246-36495
varghese.rVarghese RajanTechnician 

Academic Recruitment and Promotions

NameTitlePhone NO
hanan.eHanan EshaqAdministrative Coordinator246-36615
muniraMunira Al-KandariAdministrative Co-ordinator246-36855

Administrative Office

NameTitlePhone NO
Adamina.hAmina Al-HaganAdministrative Assistant Coordinator246-36811
motazMotaz El-ShorbagySecretary246-36651


NameTitlePhone NO
alayyafHuda Al-AyyafSenior Translator246-36701
monaqtMona AlshaheenAdministrative Coordinator246-36626


NameTitlePhone NO
khaled.hamadahKhaled HamadahAccountant24636656
moustafasMustafa S.ShalabiAccounting Specialist246-36374
shaikha.albaharShaikha Al-BaharAccountant 
shifaa.salmeenShifaa SalmeenAccountant 

Counselling and Guidance (Student Affairs)

NameTitlePhone NO
anfal_hAnfal Al-HamdanAdministrative Coordinator246-36099
badria-alrBadria Al-RoumiAdministrative Coordinator246-36099
alkhodairFatma Al-KhudairAdministrative Coordinator246-36621

Public Relations

NameTitlePhone NO
hadi.abbasHadi Abbas 24633773
m.eneziMohammed Al-EneziSecurity Officer246-36255


Store Supplying Organizer

NameTitlePhone NO
alkilaniWael AlkilaniSr. Store Supplying Organizer246-36708

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