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Call for Applications

Kuwait University has established a new Faculty of Public Health and is accepting applications for academic staff positions, including leadership positions, in all Public Health disciplines.

Application forms and instructions can be downloaded from:

Job descriptions for leadership positions are available at: FOPH Employment


A substantial need exists for academic institutions that can provide Public Health education and training in the Arabian Gulf region. To address this need locally, Kuwait University is establishing a new Faculty of Public Health, and is in the process of recruiting faculty members. In a related effort, the University is also launching a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program, with the inaugural matriculating class entering the program in September, 2014. These initiatives are designed with the goal of supporting and enhancing health protection and health promotion both locally and regionally.


The Faculty of Public Health will initially be constituted with five Departments:

  • Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • Health Policy and Management
  • Public Health Practice
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences

Vision of the Faculty of Public Health

To foster leadership in responding to public health challenges in Kuwait and the Gulf region through promoting relevant education, high quality research and evidence-based practice.

Mission Statement

The Faculty of Public Health is committed to health protection and health promotion for all individuals and communities in Kuwait and the Gulf region. This will be achieved by providing relevant professional education and training; by conducting research relevant to national and regional health challenges; by engaging in public health interventions; by fostering health studies so as to promote health literacy throughout the population; and by advocating policies to protect and promote health.

Core Values

The core values of health as a human right are set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and these values will guide all endeavours of the Faculty. There will be specific commitments to the values of social justice, community partnership and empowerment, cultural sensitivity, truthful dissemination of information, excellence in education and training, professionalism, and evidence-based approaches to public health problems.

Strategic Objectives

  • To develop and maintain high quality public health education and training by building academic capacity commensurate with internationally recognized standards.
  • To develop and provide professionally-oriented education and training programs, including post-graduate degrees, certificate programs, short courses and other continuing education offerings.
  • To collaborate with other Kuwait University faculties and external institutions by providing graduate-level academic components of residency training programs in community medicine, public health, or the equivalent.
  • To establish a broadly-based research capacity so as to develop and evaluate evidence-based solutions for public health problems of local, national and regional importance.
  • To advance healthy public policy nationally and regionally by developing and sustaining strong organizational and professional links with the other health science faculties of Kuwait University; with the Ministry of Health; with other government Ministries that impact on health; and with all relevant intergovernmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations.
  • To facilitate national, regional and relevant international initiatives in public health education, research and service through interdisciplinary collaboration with Kuwait University Faculties and with other relevant institutions in Kuwait and abroad.
  • To engage actively with local communities in Kuwait, empowering them to improve their health through leadership and collective actions at the community level. In achieving local relevance the Faculty of Public Health will develop the potential for regional relevance.
  • To promote health literacy in Kuwait by developing an undergraduate degree program that will enable young people to explore health studies in the context of a liberal arts education.

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