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Under the patronage of the president of Kuwait University, the Faculty of Pharmacy held its 7th Kuwait International Pharmacy Conference (KIPC) during 5-7th March, 2019 at Salwa Al-Sabah hall, Marina Hotel, Kuwait.

The conference was titled: “Medicines – from discovery and delivery to optimal use” and covered diversity of topics related to contemporary issues and developments from basic pharmaceutical sciences to real-life accomplishments and challenges in expanding the scope of pharmacy practice.

More than 250 people attended the three-day event and it featured 40 speakers from distinguished universities in Canada, North America, Europe, and the Arabian Gulf region.

The conference was composed of two tracks: the first track was related to pharmaceutical sciences and aims to discuss the latest research findings related to drug discovery and development. This track covered a wide spectrum of sessions such as expanding the chemical space for drug discovery, biomaterials and biotechnology in drug discovery and delivery, target identification and mode of action studies, as well as therapeutic drug monitoring and pharmacokinetic studies to support an optimal use of drugs.

The second track was related to pharmacy practice and the objective of this track centered on understanding the evolution of clinical pharmacy in the region as well as worldwide to advance the profession in Kuwait, and was divided into three main sessions to discuss the global, regional and local perspectives of the profession and identify current status and challenges.

Fatma Al-Awadhi, B.Pharm., Ph.D.
Chairperson of the organizing committee
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Faculty of Pharmacy, Kuwait University

The 6th Kuwait International Pharmacy Conference: 2nd Forum On Advancing Pharmacy Education In The GCC And Middle-East, February 9-11, 2017

The sixth international congress of Faculty of pharmacy is aligned with the second forum on the advancement of pharmacy education in the gulf and middle east. The goal of the forum is to bring dedicated pharmacy educators from the region in an effort to share best practices and discuss together the challenges that we face regarding this core aspect of our respective mission. Most of the schools invited are seeking international accreditation, and this creates a great opportunity to advance pharmacy education synergistically. The workshop themes were selected by the Deans of the seven faculties from the region involved in preparing the workshop program. Then, dedicated academic staff members from the schools devised the workshop sessions to make them as interactive as possible. This level of participation before the meeting ensures that the content is both relevant and stimulating. The Conference sessions include keynote lectures, given by distinguished scholars from North America and Europe, along with workshops designed. This program was complemented by poster presentations and several social activities aimed at facilitating interactive networking.

6th KIPC Program        6th KIPC Book        6th KIPC Brochure

The 5th Kuwait International Pharmacy Conference (KIPC) February 1-3, 2015 “Advances in Cancer Therapeutics from Bench to Bedside”

Cancer continues to be one of the major non-communicable diseases posing a significant threat to world health. The main goal of the 5th KIPC 2015 was to provide up-to-date knowledge in the field of cancer therapeutics, highlighting the role of pharmacists in management of cancer patients, modern translational clinical oncology research relating cancer therapeutics and novel therapeutic approaches.

This was an interdisciplinary conference to help health professionals to improve care for cancer patients and encourage collaborative clinical research activities among oncology scientists. The theme of this meeting was “Advances in cancer therapeutics: From bench to bedside”.

It focused on pharmaceutical care of cancer patients, cancer drug resistance and novel approaches to cancer therapeutics. We have been able to invite experts in the field of cancer patient management and development of novel pharmaceuticals and approaches to cancer treatment.

Conference sessions included Keynote address, Plenary lectures, Podium and Poster presentations. The lectures were complemented by Workshops and interactive networking.

5th KIPC Brochure         5th KIPC Magazine         Cancer Awareness Campaign


The 4th Kuwait International Pharmacy Conference (KIPC) February 4-6, 2013

This conference included contemporary issues and developments from pharmacy practice to basic pharmaceutical science. There were plenary sessions and oral abstracts as well as posters related to advances in pharmacotherapy, medication adherence, drug delivery, neutraceuticals and pharmacogenomics. Invited lectures were given by distinguished scholars from North America and Europe as well as locally from the Gulf region.

Poster         Abstract Book

The 3rd Kuwait International Pharmacy Conference (KIPC) February 14-16, 2011 “Medication Safety”

The theme of the conference was "Medication safety" and under this broad topic there were plenary sessions and workshops related to basic and new knowledge about medication errors, new technology, selected topics on safety from pharmaceutical sciences perspectives, and updates on regional medication safety initiatives. Distinguished speakers who were experts into these areas took part in this conference. The specific aims and objectives of the conference were:

  1. To provide an update on the medication safety and assess whether we are doing enough in this part of the world.
  2. To present and discuss cutting edge state science in the fields of medication safety, herbal medicines and pharmacogenomics.
  3. To provide an update on current trends in pharmacy education concerning medication safety.
  4. To strengthen communication ties and facilitate continued cooperation between schools of pharmacy, in this region, in both teaching and research.

Poster         Recommendations Report         CD Book

The 2nd Kuwait International Pharmaceutical Conference (KIPC) March 1-3, 2009 “Pharmacy in the 21st Century: Learning, Practice, and Technology”

Professor Joseph DiPiro, who was the executive Dean at College of Pharmacy, University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA was the keynote speaker for the conference. In addition, some of the most distinguished international speakers in the field of Pharmacy were invited to present on the various theme topics such as life-long learning, pharmacy education, pharmaceutical care, pharmacy practice, clinical pharmacy, pharmacovigilance, pharmaceutical technology, drug discovery

and design, drug delivery systems, herbal medicine, and pharmacogenomics. The primary aim of the KIPC 2009 was to provide a medium for the exchange of innovative research and practice ideas in the field of Pharmacy among pharmaceutical scientists, academicians, professional pharmacists, healthcare workers and students. Encouragement of high-quality research by faculty and students was the ultimate goal of any Faculty and such a conference was the ideal forum for this.

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The 1st Kuwait Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference and 10th Conference of the Scientific Society of Faculties of Pharmacy in the Arab World, December 11-13, 2006 “Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences”

This conference, first of its kind in Kuwait, had a number of themes aimed at improving Pharmacy education and practice in the Arabian Gulf and the Arab World. The Deans of Pharmacy colleges from the Arab World discussed modalities to frame rational Pharmacy education programs for improving patient care in the region. The quality of patient care depends on the quality of “Pharmacy Practice”, which in turn depends on “The Science of Pharmacy”. A number of plenary lectures and scientific sessions were arranged on various themes of interest such as

pharmaceutical care, drug discovery, drug delivery systems, therapeutic drug monitoring, etc. The opening session on pharmaceutical education focused on the educational aspects and addressed issues including the possible “harmonization of Pharmacy Education in the Arab World”.

1st KIPC        Program

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