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BSc Program in Health and Community Studies


Do you want to make a difference in the health and well-being of Kuwait’s people? Keep reading to find out more about the new BSc program in the Faculty of Public Health!

The BSc degree in Health and Community Studies (BSHCS) [بكالوريوس العلوم في الصحة ودراسات المجتمع] aims to prepare an entry-level workforce for both health and community-oriented job placements and for private sector businesses focused on health and community health development.

The mission of the BSHCS (Bachelor of Science in Health & Community Studies) program is to produce graduates who can add value to healthcare and community organizations and to private sector institutions by:

  • Enabling them to address community and public health problems using relevant skill sets,
  • Preparing them for career advancement through experience in healthcare and community service or for post-graduate training in Public Health or related fields;
  • Providing a modern educational environment including problem-based learning, small group dynamics, opportunities for research and public health practice experiences, and an atmosphere of community service;
  • Equipping them with concrete transferrable skills needed to function effectively in the current public and private sector business world; and
  • Inculcating values of professionalism, social responsibility, ethical practices, strong teamwork, and professional communication.

The BSc Program will have 4 concentrations (2 concentrations to start), including the following:

  1. Public Health Practice
  2. Healthcare Management
  3. Health Research
  4. Community Health Development

Click here to find out more about the curriculum.

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