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Center of Excellence

The Center for Excellence was established in the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences in January 2019, to develop and support faculty in delivering high-quality, innovative teaching and learning experiences. In doing so, the faculty will be globally recognized for excellence in the education of students, and service to communities. The Center offers workshops, seminars, discussion groups, mentoring opportunities to support professional development, facilitate relationships and connections among faculty and students and Strive to make activities interactive, inclusive, authentic, holistic, and supportive.

Supported by Center for Excellence, till date, the Faculty has three units functioning:

1. Artificial Intelligence Unit

Artificial intelligence (AI) driven by machine learning (ML) algorithms is a branch in computer science that is rapidly gaining popularity within the healthcare sector. Educating the next generation of medical professionals with the right ML techniques will enable them to become part of this emerging data science revolution. The AI technology will go hand in hand with our education system through the virtual content creating adaptive learning techniques with customized tools for improving the learning experiences. This technology might even help the students know how their career paths look like depending on their goals thus assisting them beyond academics.

2. Quick Response Coding Unit

QR [Quick Response] codes are basically an upgraded version of barcodes, that can hold more information and be used in various cases. QR codes can be scanned by smartphones to reveal the information that they encode precisely and with ease. Our Faculty has implemented the usage of QR effectively, as events and conference invites, lecture podcast accessibility, student attendance and even on course notes, thus minimizing considerable amount of paper work and time. The initial achievements are:

 Staff Profile consolidated in QR Code in Business cards enabling a boost in QS ranking
 built a network in research activities and collaboration
 display of the daily schedule of the classrooms

3. Alumni Unit

Alumni Unit works on opening channels of communication and networking opportunities between the Faculty and graduates, academics and current students. The Unit works to establish a database that records all FAHS graduates and their majors, to use social media as a mean to connect with our alumni, to provide data on our alumni's, to the different departments when and if needed and to invite leaders from our graduate program to share their experiences.

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