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Health Information Administration is a profession which is at the heart of the modern health care delivery system. Without a proper medical (patient) record, there cannot be good patient care because the modern health care system relies on team effort. For communication to be effective, the record must be accurate and complete. The Health Information Administrator is a professional who functions as a member of the health care management team, and is responsible for developing information systems, collecting health care data, analyzing the information, and disseminating it to appropriate areas. Most of the health data are collected from individual patient records. The Health Information Administrator is responsible for securing, safeguarding and making the record available for such activities as current and future care of patients, evaluation of the quality of medical care received, educa­tion in medical and allied health fields, medical and scientific research, protection of patients', physicians', and hospitals' legal rights and development of comparative care statis­tics. The complex duties of a professional Health Information Administrator demand management skills of a high level. The graduates need to have good organizational and system skills and excellent interpersonal relationships and the ability to supervise and motivate people.

Our program aims to produce outstanding Health Information Administrators who want to advance the practice of Health Information to the optimum benefit of patients, hospitals and the Ministry of Health.

There is an ever increasing demand for Health Information Administrators in the health care delivery system of Kuwait to contribute as teachers, administrators and scholars.

The Computer Unit is a part of the Department of Health Information Administra­tion. It serves the Faculty as a whole and offers specialized courses on the use of com­puters in the management of health care resources.

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