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The Dental Public Health Discipline gives the students the opportunity to reach the community through the in-reach and out-reach activities, bringing prevention education and increasing the awareness about oral health. For the in-reach, every year we invite a preschool to the Kuwait University Dental Clinic (KUDC), where dental students introduce the kids to the dental clinic in addition to teaching them about oral hygiene practices in an interactive way. For the out-reach, it may occur in a variety of settings, such as visiting a school or hosting a dental booth.

The American International School (AIS) visit to KUDC in 2022

Also, we have the community rotation week, where 6th year students visit the School Oral Health Programs, and the 7th year students visit the polyclinics at the Ministry of Health, to be familiar with the working environment and different procedures that are carried out. Moreover, the 7th year students visit the dental clinics at the special needs’ governmental schools, where students learn how to deal with patients with special needs and obtain the knowledge about the different dental services that are provided

The 7th year Dental students’ visit to the Schools of Special Education - Hawalli in 2022

World Oral Health Day (20th of March)

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) campaign is a global healthcare event observed every year on the 20th of March to raise awareness about oral hygiene, its importance and the factors contributed to oral diseases.

The event this year was held in Avenues Mall by KU dental students under the Discipline of Dental Public Health. The booth was divided into sections in which people must register their names and phone numbers first and then walk through the different sections. The students educated the participants about good oral health practices in terms of diet, fluoride sources, and smoking cessation. Also, there was a section focusing on children’s oral health. In addition, a dental examination was offered to those who were interested in getting a free dental check-up and advice. Overall, it was a successful event and over 100 people participated.


World Oral Health Day (WOHD) campaign at the Avenues Mall, 2023

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