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Kuwait Dental Students Society (KDSS)

The Kuwait Dental Students Society promotes the extracurricular activities of the students and provides support for the progress and achievement of all their dentistry related studies and activities.
Interviews Student Exchange Reports
Interview with Dr. Yousef Al-Duairi
Assistant Undersecretary MOH(Arabic)
Why Choose Dentistry?
Interview with the Dr. Jawad Behbehani
Chairman of KIMS
Your Guide to Advanced
Postgraduate Study
Interview with Dr. Dana Zubaid
KU graduate(Arabic)
History of Dentistry in Kuwait
Interview with Dr. Arjuna Ellepola
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Bioclinical Sciences
Dental Phobia
  Football and dentistry
Articles By The Students
Top 21 Contents in a Cigarette
Some of these are shocking, some of these are appalling, but more importantly, most of these are lethal killers. So just think twice while puffing on the cigarette!

Students' mini-pieces (Arabic)

Facts for the Toothnut
The first REAL DENTIST was Pierre Fauchard. In 1728 he wrote the first book about dentistry called “The Surgeon Dentist (Le Chirurgien Dentiste)”.

Dental HOW’s
Dental “HOW’s” and “WHATNOTS”. A small look through the eyes of the professionals to see how things in dentistry works, and what you need to know.

Almost there… Almost
Finally, one of the biggest hurdles in my dental education has passed...

Love Soda
Everyone brushes their teeth to clean them, but brushing right after drinking soda might do more harm than good.

Career Suicide
Do dentists actually have the highest suicide rates amongst all profession, medical or otherwise?

Myth, Facts & Tales of Dentistry
Myth - Removal of upper teeth affects vision.

My experience in KDSS (Arabic)

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