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Faculty Profiles

Dr. Walid Alali

Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Email: walid.alali@hsc.edu.kw
Fax: +(965) 2531-6046
Mobile: +(965) 6514-5870

Faculty Profile

Prof. Syed Al-Junid

Professor of Health Policy and Management
Email: syed.aljunid @hsc.edu.kw
Office: +(965) 2463-6978
Mobile: +(965) 9770-7656

Faculty Profile

Prof. Marwan Al-Sharbati

Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Email: Marwan.Alsharbati@hsc.edu.kw
Office: +(965) 2463-6998

Faculty Profile

Prof. Keith Cash

Professor of Public Health Practice
Email: keith@hsc.edu.kw
Office: +(965) 2463-6981

Faculty Profile

Dr. Dana Al Tarrah

Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Email: Dana.Altarrah@hsc.edu.kw
Office: +(965) 2463-6985

Faculty Profile

Dr. Janvier Gasana

Associate Professor of Environmental & Occupational Health
Email: Janvier.Gasana@hsc.edu.kw
Office: +(965) 2463-6955
Mobile: +(965) 9405-8423

Faculty Profile

Dr. Joseph Longenecker

Vice-Dean, Academic, Faculty of Public Health
Associate Professor of Community Medicine
Faculty of Medicine
Email: jlongene@hsc.edu.kw
Mobile: +(965) 2463-6986

Faculty Profile

Dr. Eleni (Lina) L. Tolma

Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Email: eleni.tolma@hsc.edu.kw
Mobile: +(965) 6093-0532

Faculty Profile

Prof. Harri Vainio

Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health
Email: harri.vainio@hsc.edu.kw
Office: +(965) 2463-6977
Mobile: +(965) 65956361

Faculty Profile

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