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Dean's Message

Kuwait University has established the Faculty of Public Health at a time when there is a critical need for public health knowledge and action. Societies and communities not only need scholars who have the knowledge to deal with public health issues academically, in theory, but they need trained public health practitioners and researchers with the skills to apply that knowledge to address public health issues in practice. The prime concerns for Public Health include promoting and protecting health; preventing disease and injuries; and reducing health disparities.

Public Health is engaged in prevention and health promotion on the scale of community and society. Much of the disease and injury burden in Kuwait today is preventable by already identified knowledge. A health challenge such as obesity is an expression of the rapid change in Kuwait’s way of life over the last 30 years. Public Health seeks to address the problem at its source by increasing awareness and developing preventive and health promotive interventions and policies.

Our challenge is to act on the available knowledge. We have a history of long delays from discovery of causes to translating this knowledge into preventive practices. As a society, we need to embrace the opportunity to reduce our collective disease and injury burden by implementing effective preventive and health promotive policies, and changing the way we live. This, of course, takes time.

“Prevention is better than cure”. We cannot solve today’s health problems just by building more hospitals and training better doctors. We need to invest more in preventive activities through “Health in All Policies,” the concept that health-related aspects of policies should be on the agenda of all sectors as they develop public policies. We need to educate a new cadre of professionals who can take the message of new public health into practice.

Public Health starts with you. The Faculty of Public Health is looking forward to play an important role in establishing and promoting the ideas of new public health in Kuwait and the region. This will be done through academic programs, field studies, interventions, and educational public health programs for the society by engaging groups and individuals alike.

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