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Be recognized as an outstanding innovative leader in pharmacy education and research, contributing responsibly to the continuous improvement of pharmaceutical services and patient-centered care within our community.


The Mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Kuwait University is to:

  • Educate our students and pharmacists to the highest standards of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice to meet the evolving needs of the population
  • Engage in relevant, interdisciplinary and high quality research that contributes to the development and better understanding of medicines and their therapeutic applications
  • Share the expertise and experience of its members, and its affiliates, with the community to promote health and the responsible and safe use of medicines
  • Develop its intellectual capital to be a reputable and efficient component of Kuwait University

Path towards our vision and the fulfillment of our mission

In Education:

  • Become a preferred professional educator to attract the best available students
  • Position “learning” as a shared responsibility of both educators and students
  • Encourage active learning practices to motivate students and develop life-long learning abilities and desire
  • Focus on developing experiential learning activities and competencies as a global approach to education
  • Adopt a patient-centered emphasis as an educational strategy
  • Engage in inter-professional education with our partner faculties
  • Seek international accreditation of our curriculum

In Research

  • Develop focused inter-disciplinary research groups to contribute to cutting edge research
  • Develop core facilities with advanced technology to enhance our research capabilities
  • Improve the translational potential of our preclinical research programs
  • Promote high quality research in our postgraduate programs
  • Encourage participation of undergraduate students in Faculty research activity
  • Develop pharmaceutical services for the community through our consultation office, and leverage the outcomes to improve our research capacity
  • Recruit experienced and inspired academic staff with complementary and innovative research programs

In Contribution to society:

  • Advocate and promote an enhanced role for pharmacists in the healthcare system
  • Provide medication information and counseling as health educators
  • Improve the knowledge and skill base of current pharmacists through continuing education programs
  • Engage with appropriate partners in community-oriented activities
  • Lead the development of scientific or academic policy groups

In Management:

  • Adopt contemporary management practices throughout our organization, to improve communication and trust, promote teamwork and achieve job satisfaction
  • Embrace shared core values to achieve a harmonized internal culture.
  • Promote relevant training opportunities for professional development.
  • Establish a quality assurance unit to monitor all aspects of Faculty activities
  • Create occasions to share ideas and achievements


Individual COMMITMENT: The journey towards our vision depends upon each and every individual contributing to our collective efforts by focusing on their specific tasks and being open to change to improve effectiveness in delivering the expected outcomes.

Intrinsic INTEGRITY: In order for our Faculty to succeed in its evolution, we must maintain the highest level of professional integrity in all aspects of our mission. This will foster mutual trust between ourselves and with both the higher university administration and our key external partners.

Intentional CREATIVITY: Our vision requires that we continually strive for focused and innovative outcomes that represent significant evolution from best practices.

Internal SOLIDARITY: To face current and future challenges during its evolution, our Faculty needs to be a strong and unified organization, with complete cooperation between academic and administrative departments communicating and working together to fulfill our mission. Our collective goals (of vision and mission) should prevail above our individual interests.

Social ACCOUNTABILITY: As a public organization, this Faculty is responsible for delivering the highest level of education, and for the creation of new knowledge to contribute to the advancement of our society. We are also ultimately responsible to actively contribute, by engaging with all relevant stakeholders, to the quality of healthcare offered to our population.

Let us be inspired by our values to achieve our mission and journey towards our vision

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