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Striving for excellence in teaching and creativity in research, to understand the chemistry of life

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“Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry”

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“Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry”

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“Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry”

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“Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry”

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Pharmaceutical Chemistry encompasses the disciplines of medicinal chemistry as well as pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drug analysis and biotechnology. It is an interdisciplinary science involving the study of compounds with potential therapeutic effects in living organisms. It approaches important biological and health-related problems through the applications of fundamental principles of organic chemistry, natural products chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, molecular modeling, and molecular pharmacology and cell biology.

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry teaches fundamental principles of organic chemistry; natural products chemistry; methods of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical analysis of drugs, metabolites and biomolecules; quality control measures; biochemistry and molecular biology; molecular modeling; molecular pharmacology through understanding of structure-activity relationships.

Research interests of academic staff include the following; drug discovery particularly in cancer therapeutics, with focus on structure-activity relationships; design, synthesis and evaluation of small heterocylic molecules with potential pharmacological activities; isolation and structure elucidation of medicinally active compounds from natural products; biopharmaceutical analysis for applications including newborn screening and forensics, and evaluation of environmental pharmaceutical waste; role of polysialic acids in tumour progression; molecular mechanisms of endocrine resistance of breast cancer cells and influence of microenvironment on tumour cell behaviour in vitro.

Ms Asmaa Badawy
Department Administrator
Phone: +965-24636055
E-mail: asmaabadawy@HSC.EDU.KW

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