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Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy (Bpharm)

The Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) program is a professional degree studied on a full-time basis. The program consists of one pre-professional HSC year followed by a four-year professional Pharmacy program. The first pre-professional year is devoted to the study of English language, the basic sciences, and elective courses. Whereas, the remaining four years of the BPharm program are devoted to the professional training in both pharmaceutical and clinical sciences including a clinical placement in governmental hospitals and polyclinics. Admission into the BPharm program is done once a year during the Fall Semester. Students are required to complete 154 credit hours (C.H.) for graduation. The curriculum for the 5-year BPharm Degree program is shown in the major sheet below.

Admission and curriculum

Final Exam for Bachelor Schedule 2015 Semester I

Master Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSc)

The MSc. program in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Faculty of Pharmacy has been launched in September, 2014. The program involves 2-3 years of study and comprises a course-work of 24 credits and thesis-work of 9 credits. The thesis area will either be in pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics or pharmacology and therapeutics. The program is considered as the first multidisciplinary graduate program in the area of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Kuwait. It is structured to prepare highly educated and specialized pharmacists, who are capable to contribute to the different pharmaceutical fields in Kuwait. Moreover, the program is designed to prepare highly dynamic, motivated and self-dependent researchers, who are capable of pursuing higher studies

Exam Timetable

Admission and curriculum

1st semester Calender 2016-2017

MSc Program at a glance

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

The two-year add-on PharmD program started in September 2016, and is a full time program for those students who have completed their BPharm. The first year is mostly in-house training and the second year dedicated fully to experiential training in healthcare settings all over Kuwait. The PharmD program aims to graduate clinical pharmacists who serve on the interdisciplinary health care team and have the responsibility of ensuring and promoting the safe, rational, efficacious, and cost-effective use of drug therapy with the ultimate goal of achieving definite outcomes toward improvement of the patient’s health status and quality of life.

Admission Policy and Overview

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