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Speed Vac (Thermo Fisher)

peed Vac (Thermo Fisher)


The Thermo Savant DNA 110 Speed Vac rapidly evaporates liquids via centrifugal vacuum, to concentrate or dry solutes, analytes and residues in aqueous and organic solvents. As the rotor spins, centrifugal force keeps samples from bumping or foaming, and prevents sample loss.

In fact, 100% recovery in this DNA concentrator is one of the reasons the Savant series is so desirable. It has corrosion resistant construction and is equipped with an automatic oil free vacuum pump and automatic rotor.


  • Thermo Scientific Savant DNA SpeedVac concentrators are designed specifically for DNA and RNA applications. These compact, fully-integrated systems support the rapid and efficient concentration and drying of

    1. DNA/RNA samples
    2. Nucleic acids, PCR preps and
    3. Synthetic oligos.