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LSM 700 Confocal Microscopy


The Complete System:

Perform fluorescence measurements, create optical sections of your samples and combine them into 3D image stacks. ZEN imaging software shortens the training period and stores the settings for all users in your team. Your confocal laser scanning microscopy applications will also benefit from Smart Setup. This new software feature allows easy configuration of new experiments with optimized recording settings. The compact design of LSM 700 means you will always have room for it in your work environment.

Combine your LSM 700 with the upright microscope stand Axio Imager 2, inverted Axio Observer or the fixed stage microscope Axio Examiner for complete flexibility in your live cell imaging or photomanipulation applications.

Full Automation and High-Quality Optics

  • Fast scanning speeds with fully automated hardware

  • System maintenance and objective calibration tools guarantee optimal hardware calibration

  • Laser Life Extender saves on operating costs in confocal laser scanning microscopy

  • VSD beamsplitter enables spectral imaging: divide emission light with 1 nm step size between the two detectors of LSM 700

  • Optional focusing module "Definite Focus" controls Z-positioning

  • FixGATE main beamsplitter efficiently separates emission from excitation light: you get best image quality with high sensitivity and optimized signal to noise

  • Precision pinhole with fully motorized aperture and positioning adapts to illumination and detection wavelength