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Culture Cell Imaging system


The complete system:

Culture cell imaging system is complete systems for digitally documenting & microscopic viewing of culture cells. It is possible to view all types of culture vessels like petri dishes, microtest plates or even culture flasks.

System components:

The system consists of a high resolution microscopic digital camera and an inverted microscope.

Digital Camera:

The extremely high sensitivity of the large 2/3» sensor, an outstanding signal to noise ratio and long exposure times – these are the qualities that allow the AxioCam camera to make high-quality imaging possible, even under the most challenging lighting conditions.

Documenting with the AxioCam HR means seeing what the microscope sees – in full microscope resolution without interpolated image information. Different resolutions can be set depending on the application: from 1388 x 1040 up to 4164 x 3120, corresponding to 13 megapixels per color channel.


Inverted microscope technology with Infinity Color Corrected optics. Easy operation, ergonomic design, variable viewing height

Reagents & Consumable:

Box of lens cleaning paper         462975-0000-000

12 V, 35 W Halogen bulb          000000-0234-793