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ProteomeLab™ PF 2D


The ProteomeLab™ PF 2D protein fractionation system is a fully automated, two-dimensional fractionation process (in liquid phase) that resolves and collects proteins by isoelectric point in the first dimension and by hydrophobicity in the second dimension. The system visualizes the complex pattern with a 2-dimensional protein map that is easy to interpret and the system’s differential display allows the user to highlight differences in protein pattern expression between normal and abnormal states.

All components are isolated in liquid phase ideal for introduction to mass spectrometry or to electrophoresis-based characterization processes.


  • The Proteome Lab PF 2D delivers an integrated solution that effectively resolves the thousands of proteins present in cell lysates
  • The Proteome Lab PF 2D system generates data from two dimensions, detailed protein maps can be constructed for easy comparison using the Proteome Lab Software Suite.
  • Liquid fractions can be collected and stored for future analysis or the eluent can be connected directly to ESI-mass spectrometry.
  • • The PF 2D’s unique combination of chromate focusing followed by non-porous reverse phase chromatography provides ultra-high resolution of proteins, while delivering information that can be related to 2D gel data.