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Laser Microdissection & Pressure Catapulting System:
PALM Microbeam



Laser microdissection with PALM MicroBeam provides an intelligent tool in molecular analysis at DNA, RNA and protein levels, as it highly improves sampling of cell-specific tissue. Single cells can be captured in a completely contamination-free manner, and pure cells can be pooled1. Even if several hundred cells are needed, LMPC the cutting edge of PALM technology is the solution. The modular set-up of the PALM MicroBeam streamlines the sampling process for downstream microarray, genomics and proteomics work. Depending on the researchers’ needs, captured samples can be processed to individual specifications, thus opening a new dimension to the analysis of gene function. LMPC ensures contamination-free sample collection as the only noncontact technology with sample transport against gravity, and thus paves the way for reliable results