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RCF Equipment Infrastructure

The organization and infrastructure of the OMICSRU-RCF reflects the policy of excellence that the administration is seeking to promote for encouraging clinical and basic research in health sciences. For achieving this purpose, RCF is committed to build state-of-the-art infrastructure to address molecular and cellular causes of human diseases. The instrumentation acquired at RCF is meant to give our staff the ability and power to respond to recent trends in basic and clinical research at the cellular and molecular levels.

The facility is located under one roof, and the infrastructure is categorized as follows:

  1. Sample preparation laboratories:
    Specific sterile and clean rooms are made available to prepare tissues, cells, nucleic acids and proteins for analysis. The facility houses sample preparation instruments, and robots capable of handling hundreds of samples daily.
  1. Cell and tissue culture facilities:
    This facility addresses various aspects of cell and tissue culture and cellular analysis, ranging from micro manipulating single cells to visualizing and tracking molecules in live cells.
  1. Genomic facilities:
    Whether one’s interest is to follow a single gene or the interaction of many genes, this facility is built with care to address detailed search for genetic variations from a single base pair to whole chromosomes, and beyond.
  1. ‎Proteomic facility:
    With the completion of the Human Genome and Other Genome Projects, the role of genetic transcripts and proteins (the transcriptome and proteome) is becoming more important in deciphering the molecular basis of diseases. With this in mind, the proteome facility at RCF has been developed to become as one of the most sophisticated proteomic facility in the Arabian Gulf Region.