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Illumina MiSeq

  Illumina MiSeq

The Complete System:

Illumina MiSeq is the most popular platform for performing next generation sequencing. It is used to sequence millions of small fragments of DNA prepared from an entire genome, transcriptome, or smaller targeted regions in a single run of the instrument. In Illumina NGS technology, the DNA sample is first randomly fragmented into a library of small segments by a shearing process. Each library is then linked to adaptors that enable the fragments to bind to a flow cell. The immobilized templates are then clonally amplified to generate millions of molecular clusters each containing ~1,000 copies of the same template. The clustered templates are then sequenced using Illumina’s sequencing-by-synthesis technology. In this process, the addition of fluorescently labeled nucleotides liberates one of four colors that are detected by laser excitation and high-resolution cameras in every run cycle. After 100 to 500 cycles, the instrument records all the sequence of bases in each molecular cluster. The newly identified strings of bases are then assembled into a new or de novo sequence or aligned to a reference genome. This instrument has the following advantages:

Illumina MiSeq standard features include:

  • Multiplexing of upto 96 samples

  • Data output of ca. 15 GB

  • Low run cost/base

  • Highest flexibility and shortest run time

Major Applications of MiSeq include:

  • Targeted Gene Sequencing

  • Small genome sequencing and Amplicon sequencing

  • Meta-genomics

  • Targeted gene expression