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Agarose Electrophoresis-Biorad

  Agarose Electrophoresis-Biorad

The Complete System:

Agarose gel electrophoresis is a method of gel electrophoresis used in biochemistry, molecular biology, and clinical chemistry to separate a mixed population of DNA or proteins in a matrix of agarose. The proteins may be separated by charge and/or size (isoelectric focusingagarose electrophoresis is essentially size independent), and the DNA and RNA fragments by length. Biomolecules are separated by applying an electric field to move the charged molecules through an agarose matrix, and the biomolecules are separated by size in the agarose gel matrix.[2]

Agarose gels are easy to cast and are particularly suitable for separating DNA of size range most often encountered in laboratories, which accounts for the popularity of its use. The separated DNA may be viewed with stain, most commonly under UV light, and the DNA fragments can be extracted from the gel with relative ease. Most agarose gels used are between 0.7 - 2% dissolved in a suitable electrophoresis buffer.