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IVF System: The Complete System ICSI & PGD


ICSI technique:

Intracytoplasmatic sperm injection, ICSI for short, is a successful method of in vitro fertilization. Injection of a sperm cell into an oocyte to create a fertilized embryo. A method of Assisted Reproduction Therapy (ART).

PGD technique:

PGD is a method to screen embryos for genetic disorders, etc. before they are transferred to the uterus. A blastomere cell &/or polar body is removed from an 8 cell stage embryo for testing (using FISH &/or PCR).

IVF System: The complete system

Two leading forces in microscopy and manipulator technology, Zeiss and Narishige, have joined forces to create a system that ensures that this method will play an increasingly large role in the treatment of male sub fertility. Specially designed to meet the needs of ICSI & PGD the Zeiss/Narishige system is aiming for higher success rates. Both microscope and micromanipulators are user-friendly, compact and stable –perfect for daily work in the lab.

System Components:

  • Inverted microscope from Carl Zeiss:
    • High stability of microscope and manipulators, compact and vibration free design.
    • Outstanding optical image quality with plasDiC contrasting method
    • Long working distance, easy change of pipettes, fast change of objectives, integrated light manager. LCD display with all important information
    • 3-dimension control of capillaries by hand
  • AxioCam:

    High sensitive Carl Zeiss digital camera, brilliant for every application

Consumable: Microcapillaries


  • CZ-VacuTips
  • CZ-TransferTips

    For PGD

  • CZ-VacuTips

For Microscope

  • Box of lens cleaning paper
  • Cat. No.462975-0000-000
  • 12V, 35W Halogen bulb
  • Cat. No.000000-0234-793
  • Immersol Immersion oil 100ml
  • Cat. No.000000-1111-807
  • Immersol Immersion oil 20ml
  • Cat. No.000000-1111-806