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Axio Imager


It is more than just a microscope and more than just an imaging system – Axio Imager signals the dawn of a new era in digital microscopy. Users will discover new standards in terms of performance, fully integrated intelligence and a forward-looking operating concept. As well as more freedom than ever before when it comes to expandability and versatility. The result is an innovative, modular microscopy platform for all your routine and research requirements and applications.

Axio Imager offers:

  • the ideal imaging solution with uncompromising focus on digital microscopy
  • the best optics – IC2S Principle with the highest resolution, clearly offering you more information in all contrast methods
  • the best fluorescence with higher contrast
  • an innovative stand architecture that can be adapted modularly to meet your individual requirements
  • an intelligent stand with integrated software for controlling all of your work steps
  • highest precision with the imaging cell and a closed loop z-focus
  • extremely comfortable ergonomics and operation for more relaxed working, even over long periods
  • measure cell shapes, areas, lengths and calculate intensities.
  • Additional software for gel intensities, microarray clustering

Manufacturer: Zeiss