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Flowcytometer Cytomics FC 500



The FC 500 Series delivers flexible testing, powerful software and a user-friendly interface; features that help both clinical and basic researchers optimize their overall workflow.

The systems have the capacity to conduct 5-color analysis using either a single (488 nm) laser or a dual (488 nm/633 nm) air-cooled laser configuration. Coupled with the ability to perform tube or plated based automated analysis, the FC 500 Series improves efficiency by enabling users to easily manage and automate every aspect of their flow cytometric analysis.

The FC 500 incorporates Beckman Coulter’s ADC technology, the most advanced method of color compensation available. Combined with high resolution acquisition electronics, its proven algorithm provides superior correction of spectral overlap for more accurate results. With ADC technology, biological samples can be used for automated color compensation, without the limitations of latex beads.

20-bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP) on the system is responsible for excellent linearity, drift-free amplification and accurate color compensation. High resolution color compensation is available during acquisition and in Listmode analysis, increasing the flexibility of the system.

Both optical and digital systems work together to yield unrivalled visualization of low intensity fluorescence populations.

Product Features:

    To comply with the rigors of the routine flow cytometry laboratory, CXP software provides automatic daily monitoring of system performance, simplifying daily quality control recording. Built in Levy- Jennings plots are updated with each QC run for constant quality monitoring. The integrated product log keeps track of lot numbers and expiration dates helping with compliance for regulated laboratories.
    Data files produced by the FC 500 Flow Cytometer contain complex biological information. Review of the data offline to acquisition is an important process. The CXP software provides powerful tools that offer flexibility and automation in data analysis. It is possible to analyze multiple files concurrently or on one desktop to glean as much information as possible from an experiment or patient sample. Overlay histograms can be created to visualize small changes in populations together with three dimensional plots to analyze interacting parameters. All of which can be processed manually or in batch mode.
    Available within CXP sftware to tailor reports to groups of assays. Each report can include both user selected statistics as well as plots from the panel. Output can be made via a printed page or electronic PDF documents to easily e-mail to offsite laboratories.

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter